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Grandma’s cooking

I know this is an interior design and home decor blog, but sometimes I can’t help wanting to share other sources of inspiration. I found this on tumblr and started reflecting, first of all how true it is, about grandmothers and food (my grandma’ can’t come around without bringing something yummy) and secondly how many sources of inspiration there are for our homes. Our culture, background, family, and cooking can all be great sources of inspiration! Some of these plates have such lovely color schemes! Enjoy!


Bisrat Melake, 60 years old – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia– Enjera Isolina Perez De Vargas, 83 years old – €“ Mendoza, Argentin Fifi Makhmer, 62 years old -€“ Cairo, Egypt– Kuoshry (pasta, Julia Enaigua, 71 years old – La Paz, Bolivia- Queso Humacha ( Normita Sambu Arap, 65 years old – Oltepessi (masaai mara) Ken Marisa Batini, 80 years old – Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy– Delicatessen with love Serette Charles, 63 years old – Saint-J Susann Soresen, 81 years old – Homer, Alaska– MOOSE STEAK - Grace Estibero (82) Mumbai, India Chicken vindaloo – Delicatessen witInara Runtule, 68 years old – Kekava, Latvia

Source: Slate

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Surprise Me – Spring inspiration

Present time made my day! Their 2014 spring collection is so inspiring, with pastels, light wood (like birch!), dip-dye and other pales!


I just love the cutting boards, and the color palette! It may be a little too “springy” to work all year around in my head, but the blue wall color in this photo is to die for. I actually bought so hobby paint in a similar smokey blue and another in mint green, and I’m hoping to pimp my desk with them (I’ll keep you updated!). The pastels also contrast beautifully with industrial details!


Dip-dyeing simple wooden kitchen utensils in neon, or pastels is such an easy and perfect DIY! Future project!

Seasonal Inspiration

December inspiration

To everyones’ surprise winter isn’t here yet! Stockholm has temperatures around freezing and quite nice weather (except the dark is starting to get to me…), so I thought some inspiration might lighten my day (and yours even though it may be lighter on your side of the world! Lucky!)




This last one is the inspiration for when I’m gong to paint my desk. I have one in similar style so I thought I’d paint it grey and leave the legs white. This’ll be my project next week or the week after! I’ll keep you posted.

Picture source: Pinterest

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Recycling Heaven

Creative fields really are recycling heaven. And because we all have lots of old magazines at home that we don’t know what to do with (but, and here I’m speaking for myself, I can’t throw them out because it feels like such a huge waste of paper…) here’s an inspiring idea:

A magazine seat or foot rest! The best thing is, when you fancy a read, just unbuckle the belts! This one is called The Hockenheimer, designed by Sut Kutusu, but I’m thinking it would be a fun project to make one by yourself!