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Minimalistic bathroom

I’m not usually a fan of complete minimalism, I find it becomes boring because there aren’t enough things to look at, but in bathroom furniture I find it creates a nice calm (maybe combined with Moroccan style tiles on the floor). Anyway I just had to share this minimalistic sink that still managed to intrigue me with its combination of shape and materials. Enjoy!


Kub-Basin-4 Kub-Basin-5 Kub-Basin design-Kub-Basin ideas-Kub-Basin

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I don’t like killing plants but…

I really suck at keeping them alive. I try, I honestly try, to water them as often as I remember, but I’m too lazy and forgetful to make it a habit… So what to do? I love plants inside, but have trouble keeping them alive. I’ve found two potential solutions, have a look!

1. The obvious. What I was going to write about from the beginning. Cacti (or just cactuses, but I think cacti sounds that much cooler!) and succulents.





2. This awesome, eye catching little invention by Patrick Morris, that gradually waters your plants with gravity’s help and only needs refilling once a fortnight!





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Pink Parrot

Kuddfodral i bomull

Kuddfodral i bomull – från H&M

I must admit, I’m a litte weak for HM, like a true Swede! The combination of quality, good prices and fun pieces is a winning concept (most of the time). I haven’t been too interested in their HOME colloections, but then this pink parrot caught my eye and I couldn’t resist! A fun compliment in any home, perfect in time for spring!

2-pack gästhanddukar

2-pack gästhanddukar – från H&M

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Dare to Neon

Though I’ve got a lot of projects going on with an internship at Sandvik, an extra job as a math tutor, important decisions to make about what to study next term and of course where to travel this summer, I like the break my mind gets from enjoying beautifully balanced interiors with unexpected pops. Lately neon pops have inspired me the most. Have a look!






Most of these pictures are taken from the extremely creative Villa d’Esta‘s Pinterest!