Hi I’m Anna!

First I would like to thank you for showing an interest in my blog and I’m happy for any feedback on it!

I’m Swedish, but I lived in Zambia when I was younger. This was the beginning of my love for the world. I love traveling just as much as I love my home and my dream is to surround myself with memories from all my travels in the form of interior decor.

I live with my parents and my younger sister in an apartment in Stockholm, but next week we’re moving to a charming villa from the 1920 just south of the city. I’m starting my studies next fall and plan to move to my own place then. For now I’m working so that I can travel next summer.

Slowly but surely I’ve fallen in love with interior design during the last few years, and when my friend told me that she can’t wait for me get my own place because she wants to see what I’ll do with the interior, I thought it was time to start sharing my ideas.

So here it goes: Where my Hat is: a world-inspired Scandinavian interior



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