PS 2014

IKEA has done it again. Every year a limited edition of a new PS collection arrives, and each year there are a few pieces that I just cannot resist. This year – as I’m in the mindset of getting my own place – I just can’t resist these two versatile and space-saving pieces! Premier on the 1st of May – so keep a lookout!



I cant wait for May. Not just because of summer, but because Ikea’s PS 2014 – On the Move will be launched.

Interior Design

Waffle factory remake – Home of the week

I really can’t stop being inspired by all the amazing homes on Rum Hemma. This week I want to share this lovely, renovated waffle factory. The building has exaggerated proportions, and lots of space. This has been balanced by upsized furniture and light, airy materials. The raw wood wall is an absolute favorite!

Pascal-FRANCOIS-chambre Pascal-FRANCOISgrosplan9 Pascal-FRANCOIS-salon1 Pascal-FRANCOISsallemanger Pascal-FRANCOIS-cuisine



Decorative Details, Interior Design

Minimalistic bathroom

I’m not usually a fan of complete minimalism, I find it becomes boring because there aren’t enough things to look at, but in bathroom furniture I find it creates a nice calm (maybe combined with Moroccan style tiles on the floor). Anyway I just had to share this minimalistic sink that still managed to intrigue me with its combination of shape and materials. Enjoy!


Kub-Basin-4 Kub-Basin-5 Kub-Basin design-Kub-Basin ideas-Kub-Basin

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