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Yay for Valentine’s Day!

I’m not all for cheesy romantic stuff, but I don’t mind celebrating! So taking the opportunity, me and my mom went shopping! Nothing extensive, but some nice stuff from House Doctor came with me home!

I’ve had my eyes on this baby for a while! Why not keep my toiletries in such a beauty when out and about?

To bring your own water bottle to work or school is a good way of saving money, the environment and staying hydrated and healthy! I’ve been a fan of this for a while and now I have a good (and awesome!) bottle for it! Woop!

Decorative Details, Giving is Gold - Gift Ideas


Leave your boring white china on the shelves and make setting the table fun with creative, colorful (but of course still stylish) plates, bowls (especially bowls!) and cups! My latest hangup is this lovely collection from Cervera! It comes in more colors but this is by far my favourite!





Decorative Details, Giving is Gold - Gift Ideas

Sexy Scissors

Here are a couple of scissors I’m dreaming of these days. School is tugging at me to come back, when I see all these lovely desk utilities!

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The first one is from House Doctor, the second one can be found here (I’m seriously considering getting this one), and the last one is from Hay.

I’m trying to consider which one is the most useful (probably the last one), but I simply love the middle one. Hopefully I can use it (as a lefty normal scissors aren’t exactly my best friend!). Oh well… the mental battle continues.

Decorative Details, Giving is Gold - Gift Ideas

Elsa Beskow – Design House Stockholm

Every Swedish child (and children of many other nationalaties) have a childhood memory of Elsa Beskow’s books. Or maybe not her books, as much as the illustrations in them! I remember which ones scared me, which one made me want to fly (on bats, but that’s different) and which ones made me laugh!



And now Design House Stockholm is bringing some of these images bach into our lives (and homes) with this wonderful collection!


This was the collection from last summer, but my absolute favourite came out this fall, inspird by my favourite image by Elsa Beskow:



Decorative Details, Giving is Gold - Gift Ideas, Interior Design

Set the Table – Scandinavian Style 1.0

If you’re looking to set your table Scandinavian style (and not just for the holidays) then you better not miss these inspiring collections!

Rörstand – Filippa K

In case you don’t know, Filippa K is a fashion designer (she happens to be one of my favourites), who has been cooperating with Rörstand, one of Sweden’s porcelain manufacturer, for 10 years! Rörstand in general has some amazing stuff, so if you’re interested, check out their website


I was happy to find information on the latest collection – 2014’s edition: Cut out, here

As I mentioned Rörstand in general has some amazing stuff! Preview?



More is coming after the holidays!