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Look Down and Update What you see!

Huh? What does that mean? Well it means that I’m tired of people being scared to see what they’re standing on! We’re quick to update furniture, buy new decorations, paint walls, but how often do we see our floors? An exciting floor can be the perfect focal point for any room, and is alot more fun than adding a carpet! Why not give your floor a paint job and be creative about it? I hope I will have the opportunity to one day!



Interior Design

Odd one out



Make your dining room more personal with favorite odd finds fitted together around the same table in beautiful combinations. BUT this can be difficult. It may feel odd, or simply too bold, but there are simple solutions!

1. Odd chairs, same color (or color pallette)



2. Odd chairs, same style! (Love this)


3. If you don’t dig different shapes and sizes, maybe just stick to different colors?


Seasonal Inspiration

Valentine Breakfast

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Valentine is coming up! Feel the pressure or fear the loneliness. Seems no-one really enjoys Valentines…

Well to make mine nicer this year I’m going to focus on what I like all year around: Mornings! Anyone else who enjoys breakfast more than dinner? Breakfast is my favorite meal by far so why not switch things up this Valentine and enjoy a special breakfast, instead of dinner? Or maybe both? Whether you have someone to spend it with or not, treat yourself (and maybe that other kinda special person by your side) to a romantic, extra long breakfast, either in bed or by a nicely set table. Pancakes, waffles, strawberries, fruit salad, toast, eggs, bacon, steaming tea and coffee, whatever floats your boat. Treat yourself and plan a special morning!



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The Charm of Raw Bricks – Home of the Week Wednesday

This week’s home is this wonderful apartment in central Stockholm! Check out the beautiful kitchen/dining room with raw bricks creating a charming atmosphere! The apartment is styled by Fantastic Frank! See the entire apartmemt here! I just love it!




Decorative Details


As mentioned earlier, I love that dip-dye is working it’s way into our homes (and away from our hair, YAY). So here’s some inspiration for those of you who haven’t been blessed with it yet!

PT2491AS PT2495WHPT2143M

Cudos to Present Time

dip-dye-basket00-520x779 dip-dye-basket-520x779

DIYorDIE has done is again!


But this will probably be one of my first budget projects when I leave my parents’ nest this fall for university. Picture found here.

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Sexy Scissors

Here are a couple of scissors I’m dreaming of these days. School is tugging at me to come back, when I see all these lovely desk utilities!

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The first one is from House Doctor, the second one can be found here (I’m seriously considering getting this one), and the last one is from Hay.

I’m trying to consider which one is the most useful (probably the last one), but I simply love the middle one. Hopefully I can use it (as a lefty normal scissors aren’t exactly my best friend!). Oh well… the mental battle continues.