Interior Design

Waffle factory remake – Home of the week

I really can’t stop being inspired by all the amazing homes on Rum Hemma. This week I want to share this lovely, renovated waffle factory. The building has exaggerated proportions, and lots of space. This has been balanced by upsized furniture and light, airy materials. The raw wood wall is an absolute favorite!

Pascal-FRANCOIS-chambre Pascal-FRANCOISgrosplan9 Pascal-FRANCOIS-salon1 Pascal-FRANCOISsallemanger Pascal-FRANCOIS-cuisine



Seasonal Inspiration

Valentine Breakfast

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Valentine is coming up! Feel the pressure or fear the loneliness. Seems no-one really enjoys Valentines…

Well to make mine nicer this year I’m going to focus on what I like all year around: Mornings! Anyone else who enjoys breakfast more than dinner? Breakfast is my favorite meal by far so why not switch things up this Valentine and enjoy a special breakfast, instead of dinner? Or maybe both? Whether you have someone to spend it with or not, treat yourself (and maybe that other kinda special person by your side) to a romantic, extra long breakfast, either in bed or by a nicely set table. Pancakes, waffles, strawberries, fruit salad, toast, eggs, bacon, steaming tea and coffee, whatever floats your boat. Treat yourself and plan a special morning!