Interior Design

Focus on Relaxing

Even though most of us don’t spend the majority of our time at home with all the stress of work, exercise, family and hobby. There is a lot of pressure from everywhere to live a certain life, but dare to focus your energy on what you enjoy. If you don’t want to – don’t. Anyway, the time we do spend at home, is usually a time for relaxing, whether that is sleeping on the couch, trying that new recipe or blogging. Home needs to be a place where we can zone out and focus on what makes us happy and relaxed.

So how do we do this? Well, an effort is necessary, though not a very big one. It can be as simple as switching to soothing colours in the bedroom. Just get some new throws in a colour you find relaxing. To me that’s, grey, light blue and nude (but other colours like rust and brown can be just as calming).

calm-guest-bedroom-furniture-decorating-ideas-relaxing Relaxing-pink-bedroom-Homes--Gardens relaxed-white-bedroom

The second big thing you can do is de-clutter. Put stuff away, shut it in a cupboard or organize it properly (if you’re ambitious). Even if I find this really difficult, I really appreciate a de-cluttered space when I come home from work, it is some much easier to relax! Give it a try – give everything a proper place and it’ll be easier. You might even be able to make de-cluttering a habit!! Interested? Check this out! Good luck!




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