Interior Design


I’m usually not a fan of sleepover sofas, they’re usually either overpriced, uncomfortable, or simple not good-looking. But from the first time I saw this baby in the IKEA magazine that dropped into my postbox, I’ve been wanting it in my future livingroom. It’s jut perfectly designed for all types of hangouts and sleepovers! And I love the cerise color (though I’m probably to cowardly to get it so I’ll probably end up with the grey one, which also is lovely)!


En skön bäddsoffa i vardagsrummet__20141_liro01a_hs01

The actual shopping for a sofa has been a nightmare of mine for a while – and I haven’t been looking forward to the many hours of research and testing and walking around in huge warehouses unable to make a decision (because that’s what usually happens when I face a big investment decision), but now that I’ve had my eyes on this one for a while, I’m just hoping it’s as comfy as it is beautiful to look at. But I admit I’m a little worried I’ll be disappointed. That’s probably why I haven’t gone down to the nearest IKEA warehouse to try it out yet… Maybe one day I’ll get my ass of my current sofa and onto this one for a test sitting!


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