Interior Design

Purple – color of the year

According Pantone, purple is the color of the year, so here’s some inspiration! Enjoy!








And yes, the inspiration for this was found on pinterest (and Sköna Hem)


One thought on “Purple – color of the year

  1. Love all these images. Purple is a great colour, warm, deep and sumptuous. It can be subtly blended into a scheme or made to be a real feature. I love the wall art in the first pic and the sofa contrasts beautifully with the white and black decor – a very visual room. The second room is where purple can be a sumptuous addition, with the ornate French style furniture and dark decor, this room is stylish yet cosy. The final room shown is my fav, the contrasts aren’t too dramatic, the white decor is cheerful and airy, whilst the soft purple hue of the sofa adds warmth and gives the room a lift without over imposing the scheme, everything blends in, including the mirror – the antique glass effect in the large modern rectangular frame is beautiful.

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