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Trendreport FW 2013

Even though I’ve never been a huge fan of following trends and people telling others what’s “hot” and what’s “not”. I just think it tampers with creative freedom and suppresses people’s will to listen to their own preferences when it comes to style, whether it’s about fashion, make-up or interior design.

But this season, I personally loved that these features became trendy!

Flora and Fauna

I love nature, and anything that brings me closer to it. From details like feathers, to materials like untreated wood. I also love photography. So when photographs of animals and flora started appearing on sheets and pillows I just couldn’t resist (as can be seen here).

by nord

Warm Metals

As I’ve mentioned earlier I’m completely hooked on warm metals like copper, brass and gold. Interestingly enough, these metals have been a rare sight in our homes since the flower power 70s when they completely flourished. Now they’re making a comeback, and copper, brass and gold can be found everywhere. I love it!

copper inspiration


This trend nearly didn’t make this list, but I couldn’t resist, even though I can’t help thinking that this trend has been taken a little too far. As with most things, good things come with moderation. But a nice piece of graphic art to give a room a more modern feel doesn’t hurt!


I really like the Zigzag feature of the graphic trend though!


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