Interior Design


I love how concrete has worked its way into our homes lately, and yes, it may just be a passing trend, but I can’t help hoping it doesn’t. My very first favorite was this lamp from the Gotland-based Tove Adman:


It combines the classic and beautiful shape of light bulds with the discrete but trendy concrete, and for a reasonable price!

She is definitely my inspiration when it come to concrete and these beautiful candlesticks are another example of a classic shape in a new material:


Check out her other stuff here!

One of my quite recent favorites to put my hot pots on (‘het’ means hot in Swedish) is from Stenhårt

It puts a nice Scandinavian touch to the tablecloth from Zambia (Tribal Textiles)! (I’ll show you more of it later!)

But the absolutely best thing about concrete is that you can make your own personal stuff, with just a little bit of creativity! My mom made these beautiful candleholders and flowerpot, with normal plastic cups and bowls as molds!


If you’re a little more bold than my mom you can try these cool flowerpots!


Good Luck!!


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